Arya is a sufi & bollywood fusion band created by sarthak sharma with the help of his team members shilpa Dhawan and deepak rhythmist and Bharat kumar .As sarthak always thinked to make a team /band but when he was tried to make band the members used to decieved him always after one or two shows but he never gave up and sfter 4 attempts he finally got true members or u can say true musicians and Then finally makes the band called The ARYA through his grandpa inspiration pt .arya so he creates the band and name it THE ARYA. Amongst our recent performances have been gigs in HKV , Delhi (out of the box). We look forward to invites to perform through localturnon.
Greetings from The Acoustic Project, An acoustic and acapella team mix of beatboxing and different percussion instruments something new added to our line up ;) which is a sure crowd favorite. Our genre being something unique will surely make you love our MUSIC
We are a 3-piece Grunge band from Kolkata. Road2Renaissance started their journey in 2010, 21st march. Abhishek and Tanmoy were the founding members later Tathagata joined as a drummer. The band were three piece from the very beginning and it remain three piece still today though the position of drummer had been changed vigorously. Now it settled though, Avishek is the present drummer of the band. Renaissance means rebirth and we chose the road leads towards artistic revolution so very simple our name Road2renaissance. We think we can revolute or return the actual essence of rock and roll through our music in new ways. The Band released its debut album FUSE on November 3rd, 2016. Our liking for artists include works of Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Pixies, Husker Du, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden. We have been performing all over and some of our recent achievements include 1st Runner-up, Ubervoice Kalasutra band competetion, Chandannagar
Anhad : The band is based in Delhi, India. Famous for their "multi-genre" attribute, Anhad plays Sufi, Rock, Bollywood Medleys, Vintage songs from the 80's and anything that sounds good. And if it doesn't, they make it sound good. The Band consists of both Male Vocalist, a lead guitarist, a percussionist, pianist and a Drummer. Starting as a college band back in 2013, Anhad has since performed in various cities across India including NCR, Agra, Mumbai,Jaipur,Haryana,Hyderabad etc. Putting their heart where their will is, this band has got an excellent hand in superb onstage coordination. Their musical education ranges from Delhi School of Music, Trinity (London) and Indian classical from the Music Faculty of Delhi.
I am a Bharata Natyam dancer, trained under the world renowned Guru Dr. Thankamani Kutty. I have learnt dance from an early page, passing the Nritya Visharad examination from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. I was a member of the Kalamandalam Kolkata Performing Troupe and have performed all over India and abroad.
We(Insignia) are a three piece outfit From Thane, Maharashtra and we've been active for about six years now. Nihar(the drummer) and I (Harikesh) have been friends since we were 10 years old and we met shashank (our bass player) in college. A common love and passion for western music and the right timing brought us together and we've been writing and performing ever since. The name of the band "Insignia" means a symbol or token that stands for something. We like punk rock. It speaks to us. We like hooks, melodies, three minute songs, blazing speed, snap-happy numbers, extreme levels of volume, mellow acoustic tunes, The Beatles, The clash, The Pixies, Nirvana, Husker Du, beer, R.E.M, Fugazi, Chinese food, and playing each other’s instruments. We would also like to keep this band bio really short. Peace.
GrapeGuitarBox aka Teenasai Balamu is an indie musician based in Bangalore, India. She explores the alternative side of pop by interpreting popular songs in her own style, which is often very different from the original itself. The genre of her music would be described as indie/pop/acoustic. With her music, Teenasai wishes to create a space safe from labels, judgement, and discrimination; a space for all the misfits. She looks forward to collaborating with different kinds of artists in order to discover new sounds.
Across Seconds is a 4 piece experimental/post-prog instrumental rock band based in Mumbai. Across Seconds signifies a movement in time frame. It was decided upon partly because the type of music we play has time signature changes here and there. Along with that, it is to express that sometimes extreme changes, vastly grave or great can be experienced Across the time span of a few seconds. Fairly known for fusing heart warming melodies along with odd time signatures with poly-rhythms. As being an instrumental band is itself a task, multiple variations and unexpected changes are seen in the song. The current line up includes Swar Joshi - Guitar , Dhawal Mehta - Guitar , Karan Mehta - Drums , Kiran Kadadekar - Bass
Adbhutam is an instrumental fusion band based in Kolkata, India. It is the expression of Indian Classical Music with the blend of other exotic genres of music, dissolve into each other to bring forth a truly rich & unique sound & vibe. Our aim is to spread the elegance of Indian Music through our compositions. Adbhutam™ (अद्भुतम्) is a Sanskrit word, it is an "expression" or "element" of music as described in Indian Classical music means Wonderful / extraordinary. The genre of the band can be truly described as "Indo-Rock Fusion".
The Bangalore Men – an all-male voices ensemble launched in January of 2016, consists of 16 singers, all with many years of previous experience singing in choirs. The group focuses on western classical music, from eras ranging from medieval music to contemporary, and is conducted by Jonas Olsson, voice faculty at Bangalore School of Music. The winter season of 2016 saw a program of a cappella music by composers such as Palestrina, Bach, Purcell and Schubert. The group performed to rave reviews in Bangalore and Pondicherry, and was also featured in various newspapers. In august 2016 the group presented a concert series called SimplySchubert, with music by Franz Schubert, male choruses, lieder and piano music. The group collaborated with pianist Natallia Kapylova and soprano Payal John. SimplySchubert was performed in Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad and Goa, and got a very warm reception, both from audience and from the press. The group is looking to repeat the programme in other parts of India during coming seasons. Currently The Bangalore Men are working towards the Christmas-season, which will see a programme of old and new, carols and classics, solos and choirs. The winter season will see a collaboration with The Cecilian Choir, in performing Vivaldi's Gloria together with soloists and an orchestra. The group is affiliated with The Bangalore School of Music, and is coached by Maria Forsström (Sweden).

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