True to their name, Avial (a mixed-vegetable delicacy) blends Malayalam Poetry with Contemporary Alternative Rock Music. || With elements of Indie Rock and Folk Music underlying an electronic feel, Avial’s music has overcome language barriers not only in India but is also drawing fans across the sub-continent and the globe. It has an increasing fan following, with a revolutionary approach in today’s contemporary music scene in India. || The band members come from an in-depth musical background, with a diverse exposure of working with different bands before they could come together. In search of something more intrinsic, with a sense of belonging, Avial discovered and articulated the expression in their own mother tongue, dared to express their music with their self-titled debut album. || Fetching a great name for them selves, Avial is one of the most sought after Indian bands today, transcending genres, justifying the term “Alternative Malayalam Rock”
The Band 'UNDERSHADOWS'(uS) was formed in the year 2011. || Genre that the band indulges in includes experimental/Progressive/Alternative rock band || In the year 2011 'uS' performed a few stage shows. Their first own composition is "Abhi Abhi" is a Romantic number. || In Oct,2012, 'uS' secured 2nd Position at Junction Jam 2.0 || This Competition instantly boosted their popularity and their new song "Aaja" was much praised by the audience as well as the judges (CACTUS). || In 2012 'uS' performed several on-stage shows || In 2013 'uS' became 1st Runners up in Rockomania Zonals. || In April 2014, uS performed in BCET. 'uS' Won 1st Position in "Zypher 2014" Band Competition at NPTI, DGP.
The saying goes: ‘something has to change for everything to stay as it was’ - and this is justified in the arena of music as well. Its visible foothold emboldens us to think that a new trend is setting in - something is really getting changed and everything else driven by emotion remains unchanged! || Great on stage, they dared to express their emotion in one of its acknowledged forms - “Inveterate anger” that’s where the band derives its name from, and having seen them, it can be said that “they are mutually exclusive and collectively explosive”. || CHRONIC XORN is one of those bands who believe in the philosophy of giving in that hard work and making an effort to go for that extra mile! || With this belief and desire to become one of the eminences of Metalcore, Chronic Xorn began its journey in 2007 and has traveled a long way with numerous obstacles and is prepared to take on any thing that comes its way! || The name of the band characterizes the negative side of the human emotion which is often portrayed by many. The band strongly believes that to tackle any hurdle in life, one has to have that zeal to make it through and has to persist with the same in order to make things work out. || During the journey, the band has learnt that “living is not the same thing as making a life” and while shaping themselves for the showdown they drew the required inspiration from metalcore and melodic death metal bands like All That Remains, Heaven Shall Burn, The Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Devil driver and likes. || The band has always strived for true and honest music which comes with originality and through years of dedication. The only thing constant for the band is change itself, from a spark, to a meteor, to an undying fire ball, CHRONIC XORN evolves everyday,the fans keep the zeal burning.
AZAADI The Band® shows the musical freedom without any barrier and boundaries across the globe. || We had hardly even seen during our several travels around the world. we played our first gigs in pubs and clubs in the Delhi area, including some highlights at the Siri Fort Auditorium, where Amit Mutreja had been playing at the beginning of their own career the co founder of AZAADI The Band®. || Formed in 2007 the band signed their first live concert contract. || The Band has since then regularly featured in all major Rock, Rock Fusion, Pop, Bollywood, Sufi, Sufi Rock etc. and was recently named again as the best single of all time. || The success of A NIGHT AT THE OPERA was equally stunning, giving the band their first platinum show
Jashnn is an Urdu word, that means Celebration or Festivals in English, while in Hindi it is called as Utsav. The belief that feeling of Jashnn can make anyone go on and stay happy is the agenda that we have put behind the formation of the our band JASHNN THE BAND India (f/k/a Jashnn - a beat of celebration). According to us, our every performance is a get together to celebrate, and this moment is a Jashnn for our members and audience. Our belief is that Jashnn is in every moment of life and anyone can enjoy that in any situation, if he wants to. We create music and all our tracks are lifted from these realties of life to motivate people. || The band was formed back in Feburary,2006 by Mannoj.S.Kumar with a aim to bring happiness to people with their motivational songs and is still serving the purpose. The band derives its inspiration from artists like Lucky Ali Sir, Atif Aslam, Jal the Band, Mustafa Zahid and few others. Our motivation is the audience whose hunger for music is never ending. || Some of the production include Hindustan Meri Jaan (Debut song) , Main Jee Raha Jashnn Mein (Theme song) , O Banday Jaag (International release, Anti-corruption song) , Thaam Lo Inn Haathon Ko (Help the needy song) , Main Zinda hoon (Debut Video track)
The Real Rockstar of JAMMU, the son of the soil who is presently working on the regional music cum his own Composition targeting the youth, Playing Guitar from the last 18years, DIRECTOR for HERITAGE STRINGS-SCHOOL OF ROCK, 4 BAKSHI NAGAR, Behind VISHAL MEGA MART, where you can learn guitar in just 48days, any kind of singing and Drums. He himself has formed numerous bands in the town and has now come up with his own name
A Gurgaon based band has been in the news for a variety of performances. Their recent activities include appearances at NGO Swapn / Serve Samman's Christmas Event For Children (Dec 15) , Fareportal's Christmas Fest (Dec 15) , Loreto Convent's Annual Fest (Dec 15), The Divine Strings Show (Nov 15), Freedom : Woman Empowerment and Child Development (Oct 15), Hindustan Times The Official Gig (Aug 15) , HT Friday Jam Season 2 (Jun 15), The Big Bang Show (Jun 15), A Musical Evening by Gurukul (Apr 15). The Band Members include Aman (Ricky) : Lead Guitar , Harpreet (Harry) : Vocalist / Lyricist, Rahul : Bass Guitar , Sidharth : Drummer , Anil : Rhythm Guitar and Ayushmaan : Creative Head
Founded in October 2012, Ours is a fun band...We just moved to the Indian Capital to follow and live our dream of making beautiful music...learning to cook and living like a family, waiting to see the beautiful places that have been kept in store for our band Members .... who include Susanta Nath [Vocals/guitar] , Kunal Bhattacharya [Bass], Bibhash Baishya [Guitar] , Dibyajyoti Bharali [Synthesizer] , Sudarshan Bora [Drums] Some of our recent activities include : Winners of THundermarch '13, NIT Silchar + Best Bassist || Runners Up of NE Rockz '13, Guwahati + Best Vocalist || Runners Up of Octaves '13, RIST + Best Vocalist || 2nd Runners Up of Pyrokinesis '13, AEC + Best Coposition || Winners of Ransack V4.0, Auxesis '14 at Dibrugarh University + Best Vocalist || Winners of Consensio '15, Royal Institute Of Technology Follow us on Instagram :jokerswhoop || twitter @jokerswhoop
Swarakshar is a Delhi based band, formed in 2012. The only thing we know is..... "MUSIC". We create music like sufi rock, blues, and some kind of alternative stuffs as well. Our band members are Ankkit (Vocals), Rahul (Lead Guitar), Adarsh (Bass guitar), Roger Williams(Drummer) Some of the recent activities that the band has been involved in include 1. To begin with , a full fleged show for team India only on India TV news channel for chief guests Virender Sehwag and Mandira bedi at show 'Phir Bano Champion' during WORLD CUP 2K15 2. Performed and won battle of band at Shyam Lal College(DU) in 2K12 3. Headlined at MERI college near Tilak Nagar 4. Performed with Jasbir Jassi live at India TV news channel 5. Performed at Shiv Nadar University as shortlisted among top 3 Bands of Delhi. 6. SwarAkshar also performed at several Raahgiri places like East Delhi, Noida and Dwarka 7.Performed for TRINITY college of London at Shalimar Garden 8.Headlined at FLAMES(Foundation event) organized by WAKA Foundation group and Symphony. 9.Performed at GNIM college and become runner up in battle of band. Check out our videos at 1.SwarAkshar original composition-Angarey official video ( 2. SwarAkshar original composition-Tel lene live at SNU( 3. O re piya sufi rock version live at FLAMES (
When childhood friends Swapnil and Pradip met at the Karandak Festival of Sinhagad Institute in 2012, they didn’t have slightest of the clue that Prithvi’s first ever composition “Betabiyaan” will be released in just two months’ time on YouTube. When in 2016 January, 9X Jhakaas TV Channel started telecasting their second composition “Tujhyavina”, Prithvi is in a position which is still a far cry for most out there. Initiated by Swapnil, Pradip and guitarist Vaibhav in 2012 after their tastes in music met, Prithvi was fast becoming a popular band among friends and fan base. When their live show in National Chemical Laboratory’s 2014 Annual festival was a crowd puller, Prithvi realized there is no turning back and immediately started working on the second composition. With Bijoy joining the band as backing guitarist to Vaibhav, Prithvi was already a popular act among their ever growing fan base. Slowly turning unplugged, Prithvi started touching the hearts of listeners with their catchy mash-ups of popular Bollywood and Indi-Pop numbers. Now with a wide range of fans from all age group, Prithvi started climbing the steps to fame. "We want more of you, young men..!” was the quote by Director of National Chemical Laboratory after Prithvi’s live show there. “Which brand adrenaline drink do you people take to reach this position in such a short time, guys?” was the exclamation by another friendly band member when Prithvi’s second single song “Tujhyavina” was released on TV.

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