The Music Lot has been active since 2013, over various activities of music jamming, recording, composing, live shows, teaching, collaborated recording. We proudly boast of a large network of musicians with a sincere core team for the band of musicians with various setups genre. We have had various band sizes ranging from solo shows to 12 member collaboration bands, an indication that we are always open to collaborations. With a record of performing to a wide range of audience, from family communities, children parties, office parties, corporate events, non-profit out reach initiatives, college gigs and general busking, we can make a safe claim that we have played nearly on every platform.
An individual musician previously associated with Yahavi. Have experience ahead of age. Can play a wide variety of stringed and reed instruments, primarily guitar, synthesizer and bass guitar,. Believe in versatility. Have performed at numerous corporate shows. Have quite vivid experience of working as a musician as well as at the console at recordings. Have experience as a sound engineer at live shows as well.
We are Tomb Of Lucifer from India [ ] Old School Death...... Please listen and watch our songs and please stay with us .... Links : YOUTUBE :: 1) 2) SOUNDCLOUD :: REVERBNATION :: Mail : tomboflucifermusic@gmail.
Hi, I'm Ben, and I play Guitar, either solo or with addtional Female / Male singers as required also including percursionists etc I also compose music in various genre's . I have played in various 5 star restaurants and in many pubs and clubs. I use various guitar synth sounds to make my music more interesting and also play Midi keyboards in some fusion songs. you can hear my demo songs here :
District 3rd & Enlisted for Final Round at " All Bengal Mega Talent Hunt" Genre :- Rock Alternative / Rap-Metal
I am a eastern vocalist with a light training of semi clasical and pop . I mainly perform bollywood pop & retro . I am a solo artist . Language is hindi . About me : I got selected in Indian Idol 6 in 2012 . Also I took part in various state level shows in Kolkata . Thank you :) Major highlights press coverages last feb 2016 in times of india calcutta times with my band The desi dhunn .
Amit Kadel a.k.a AKADE is a DJ/Producer from Kolkata, India. His track 'All Or Nothing' with Thimlife has got into Beatport Top 100 Chart. He is the first artist from Kolkata to get into Beatport Top 100 & supported by the plays of big artists such as Blasterjaxx, Sick Individuals, Ummet Ozcan , Yves & many more. Supported by : House.NET (The EDM Network) BLASTERJAXX UMMET OZCAN YVES V SICK INDIVIDUALS MARNIK TOM FERRO THE DIRTY CODE DAVID HEAT
Guillotine - Progressive Death Metal from Delhi is the flag bearer of Indian Progressive Metal . The band released its debut album 'The Cynic' in 2010 and opened for 'Metallica' in 2011. Stay tuned for more on the band! || Band Members Include Karan Nambiar- Vocals || Takar Nabam - Guitars, Vocals || Kabir Mahajan - Drums || Rohit Bhattacharya - Bass || Akshat Taneja - Keyboard
Delhi-based band, Five8, draws together raw rock and funk grooves with rich harmonies and catchy melodies in an exciting blend of composition and reactive improvisation. || The music on their debut album, Our Imaginarium, features 9 songs written by the band between 2010 and 2013. Telling stories both public and private, Five8’s songs speak simultaneously of chaotic city-life, concrete jungles, culinary adventures, traffic jams, daydreams, fleeting conversations and lost friendships. || Taking the listener through different moods and soundscapes, their music can be looked at as a day-in-the-life of any of us!
Formed in 2006 as Fire Exit, Sage and the Comets has been an integral part of the independent music scene in India over the last few years, having played all major festivals, venues and cities across the nation. || It remains one of the few groups that have retained a very consistent line-up over the years, and this can be seen in the unique sound of the band that has evolved over years of experimenting and hard work. || The band released its first album ‘OkBye!’ in 2011 at the prestigious Jaipur Literature Festival to a tremendous response and positive reviews from critics across the country. || The band toured extensively post the release of this album, and played multiple venues and festivals including the NH7 Weekender, Oktoberfest, Rocktoberfest, Pubrockfest, Blue Frog, Hard Rock Café, Lady Shri Ram College, Miranda House and other events across the country to promote the music from that record. || Sage and the Comets marks a shift from OkBye’s sound. This album offers a deep insight into the acoustic roots of the band’s music, where a fascinating mix of multiple percussion instruments has been combined with the pureness of the acoustic resonance of various instruments. The album features songs that have been written in a studio setting, with months of thinking and toil put into it. || The band has explored songwriting in a way that it had never experienced before, doing away with some of the electronic elements that one finds in OkBye, to ensure that everything that you hear on stage is played by real people using real instruments creating real music.

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