Hundred Octane is not just a band , It is a legacy of Grunge and Classic Rock music which has been rocking all across India since 1995. || Band has always been highly influenced by artists like Pearl Jam , Alice in Chains , Pink Floyd , Nirvana , Led Zeppelin. || People always want to hear those evergreen hits that have been on their top favourites list since their childhood and the band has never disappointed the fans. || In order to provide something different, something extra to the audience the band came out with an entirely new concept and a very unique sound which provides an atmosphere where the audience will be able to connect with both the band and the music at a different level altogether. || This is the goal Hundred Octane seeks to achieve through their new setup. The line up comprises of music veterans and talented artists who have given shape to this new sound which Hundred Octane wants to deliver to people across the country. || Hundred Octane is on a mission to explore and experiment with music with an aim to entertain people.
A solo post-rock band originating from the beautiful snowy and yet peaceful hills of Shimla. Through Hyun the artist tries to express his little experiences of his life while living in the mighty Himalayas. || Hyun means snow in the native language of Himachal Pradesh, which aptly represents the place and the expressions behind the music. || This a recent band and have released a music video for one of its track
In fall 2009 revolution took place, which gave birth to Bull Engine. || Inspired by the grunge vibes of Nirvana, Sonic the lead man of the band decided to step into the world of rock to write something melodious yet grungy and powerful. || Standing on their word, Bulls were able to win their first ever national level rock band competition in January 2010. Since their first appearance, Bull Engine became hot topic of discussion in the Industry. || Their first ever track “Reject Yourself” made a name for itself in the industry, helping them to top the rock charts of Delhi on Reverbnation. Band found its first big break, when they compete in the quarter finals of “Hard Rock Rising” in Hyderabad. Post that band was able to pull some big names like PCRA, Common Wealth Games’10 and Tissot etc. in their performance bag. || Band has shared stage with big names in Indian Rock scene like Parikrama, Junkyard groove, Them Clones, Indian Ocean, Raghu Dixit etc || Midday tagged: “Music that hits every age group”, Aajtak Delhi said: “looking for something fresh and energetic turn to Bulls”, India Today thinks that they have the music of 80’s rock‘n’roll revisited with more power and energy. The group of junkies tagged them by saying “Your music can make even deaf people Rock” || Our Bio is too long but some of the highlights are Winner at Gusto, IET Alwar , Winner Blitzkrieg, 2008, Winner Sarang, 2008 IET Alwar , Runner up of CRI 2007 Zonal Heats , Runner up IET Bhaddal, 2007 , First runner‐up at Global School of Science (Saket) , Winner of Genero 2010 at ABES Ghaziabad, Winner of Distortion 2010 at VIPS, New Delhi , Runner up of IIM Indore 2011, Quarter finalist at Hard Rock Cafe Battle of Bands , Runner up at LSR, Performed at AIIMS 2010,
MRP stands for My Root Passion. We're a brand new band! We bring our own personal influences together and try to always give a unique performance to the crowd, with lots of slapstick comedy in between songs. Ranging from Classic Rock, Pop, Progressive, Blues, Funk, Sufi and Indian Classical. We love variety! :D We've done a lot of shows in the last two months, played at venues like Attitude Alive, Cafe OTB, Turquoise Cottage (Gurgaon and Vasant Vihar).
Blue Odyssey is an Alternative Rock act from New Delhi that started in mid-2011. The line-up has been changed since then but the soul of the band’s music remains same and it just keeps getting stronger. || From classical Indian to heavy metal, the music of the band combines elements of vast music genres and they prefer not to be ‘labeled’ under any genre. Their sound is closest to alternative rock, with riffs including shades of ‘heavy/ thrash’ metal and bluesy tones, progressive/lightening drum solos and multi- octave vocal variations which pack it up all into a powerful package on-stage! || Some of the bands/musicians who have inspired/influenced the band include Guns n Roses, Alter Bridge, Creed, Bon Jovi, Paul Gilbert, Jimi Hendrix. Band has already recorded their first single called “The Eulogy” and a lot of other original tracks are in recording process.
Formed in 2009, Big Bang Blues takes its spirit from the times when Blues was born. Fathered by voices that sang of angst and misery. Backed by rusty stringed guitars and harps. || Big Bang Blues (BBB) has evolved its character and music to call it their own. Although mostly referred to as a Blues band, the members of BBB contend that it is an incomplete interpretation of their music. Influenced by genres of Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Funk and Rock, BBB bring a wide repertoire of music to the stage. The six-piece band creates its sound from the diverse influences brought in together by the six members who trace their roots to completely different backgrounds. From influences ranging from the Mississippi Delta Blues, to 60’s influences Blues-Rock to Indian Fusion to Metal the members have done it all in their previous musical careers. || Some of the Highlights of the band have been (Amongst many others): Cotai Jazz&Blues Fest'13 (Macau) , Mahindra Blues'13 (Mumbai) , Simply the Blues'14(Mumbai) ,Blue Frog (Mumbai) , High Spirits (Pune), Bahi (Gurgaon), The Living Room (Delhi) , Manajsa (Delhi) , Haze (Delhi), Café Morrison (Delhi), Turquoise Cottage (Delhi) , ESCAPE music festival (Naukuchiataal) , Wills India Fashion Week (Delhi) , Common Wealth Games - Youth Festival (Delhi) , Breakfast Jam (HIT 95 FM)
Atharva is a newly formed band originating from the beautiful town of Rishikesh. Its band members comprise of Vikas Bahuguna- Founder Vocals and Rhythm Anshul Gupta- Founder and lead Guitarist Anil Gaur- Founder, Keyboards and Vocals Shubham Pant- Violin Amit Badoni- Rhythm Guitarist and Backing Vocals. The Band has been performing in and around Rishikesh and is now looking to spread its tunes. The band's signature revolves around Bollywood Rock, Alternative, Rock, India Rock and sufi .
Since 2004, Artillerie has risen through the ranks as one of the country's finest, edgiest and most brutal metal bands. Over the years, the band has established a reputation for their intense live performances and songwriting. This mix of intensity, maturity and musicmanship was clearly seen on Eradefiled, released in 2010. || Artillerie was also acclaimed for the heavy conceptual undertones on Eradefiled and the artwork that supported the concept - earning Best Artwork as one of the nominations at the 2010 Rolling Stones Metal Awards || ' New Offensive' EP released by RSJ as a part of the Extreme Metal Madness compilation in 2008. 'Eradefiled' released as a free downloadable album in 2010. Nominated by Rolling Stones Metal Awards in 6 categories including Best Metal Album, Band, Artwork, Drummer, Vocalist and Guitarist in 2010.
Founded in 2015, Amalgam is a Calcutta based soft rock band to let the world know we deserve better place, better people, better love. Journey against the odd virtues and for the mother nature. || The band members include Lasita Adhikary (Vocals) , Soumik Banerjee (Lead Guitar) , Sandip Kayal (Drums) , Arghyadip Guha (Bass) . || The band has been active in local circles playing to audiences popular hits and is now looking forward to expanding its presence to other cities through performances
Agastya is the name of a Delhi based rock band. Agastya was a rishi muni who was in search of God. Thus Agastya has a motive to search Godliness through music. Since its foundation in August 2010, it has grown to be named among the sufi rock bands of Delhi. While performing covers the solos, the rhythm patterns and almost everything has a new touch and a feel. We as a music band always try to attach something new to our music. The new compositions are refined till they have a reflection of joy and harmony. || The people behind AGASTYA are skilled and have new ideas which are implemented to our performances. Each AGASTYA jam session has uniqueness in it.

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