1833 AD brings forth a fresh approach to Black Metal digressing from the traditional abrasive sound, concocting a mixture of extreme tremolo picking riffs and mellow melodic hooks and solos. The band bring together their individual playing styles to create an atmosphere of sorrow and hatred which do justice to the lyrical themes of the band. || With lyrical themes mostly centered on fiction, hatred, destruction and exploitation of the human race, 1833 AD takes a little detour from what people mostly categorize Black Metal lyrics as. Few songs do speak of supremacy of evil in this world but only to imply the ways of men and not by endorsing Satanism, Atheism or even Christianity. || Some of the recent awards by the band include Best Album Artwork - Rolling Stone Metal Awards'13 and the Best Album Artwork - Planet Radio City Freedom Awards'13
The Midival Punditz are easily India’s biggest and most prolific electronica act. The past decade has seen the rise of the electronica scene within India and no single band has had more influence on its growth than Midival Punditz. The Punditz have been trailblazers, breaking new ground with each achievement, and creating a path for others to follow. || They were the first Indian electronica act to get signed by an international label, Six Degrees Records in the US. Over the span of their career the duo have released three formidable albums. In 2002 they released "Midival Punditz", creating quite a stir with their debut album. "Midival Times" released in 2005 and it further cemented their position as Indi-electro pioneers. Their 2009 release, "Hello Hello" has been their biggest album yet, even earning them a spot on Amazon’s top picks for 2009 . || The Punditz are well known for their unique brand of electronica. After touring extensively all over the world, they’ve styled a unique and revolutionary live act that has room for jamming, re-mixing and innovating on stage, thus making no two live shows the same. The Punditz are renowned for these exceptional live sets, blending electronica with live percussion, vocals and Indian elements like the flute and tabla. || They’ve played the biggest clubs in the world in the world shattering attendance records at each, including Fabric (London), Joe’s Pub (NYC), Blue Frog (Mumbai), Filmore East and 1015 Folsom (San Francisco) and 9:30 (Washington D.C.). They’ve played this live set at numerous festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Paleo (Switzerland), Sunburn (Goa), Stern Grove (USA) with Tabla Beat Science, even playing to an audience of over 4,00,000 people at the Mahashivratri festival (India).
KAASH - a Hindi Rock band from New Delhi is a musical endeavor started in the year 2008. KAASH blends Indian melodies and sensibilities with a scorching Rock backbone, creating an ingenious sound, which emancipates a sea of emotions and nostalgia in the heart of its listeners. || The group released their first song “Main Laut Aaunga” in August 2009 which went on to become one of the most searched Hindi Rock tracks on the Internet with over 100 fan videos and more than 10,00,000 views. After that the band released 6 more tracks on the Internet which were received with even greater love and enthusiasm. Heart wrenching melodies, subtle lyrics, lavish ornamentation, and an unusual simplicity are their trademarks. || The band has built up a serious fan following . Equally at home in a concert hall or a downtown club, KAASH embraces opportunities to bring their music to new listeners in non-traditional spaces. They have played to audiences throughout the country from Trivandrum to Guwahati to Jaipur and Delhi being their home crowd always greets them with the “loudest and proudest cheers”. The band has also shared the stage with some of the most renowned musicians in the world including Grammy winning Greek Bassist Panagiotis Andrew, Grammy nominated Mexican vocalist Magos Herrera and Slovenian jazz guitar legend Igor Bezget. || Statistics aside, KAASH’s indelible mark on the Independent Hindi Music has given it a dignity and a richness that it rightfully deserves. This Delhi band has tried to redefine Hindi Rock by distilling the purest essence of its rhythmic soul and infusing into it luminous production quality and equally stunning songs
Red Brick House is a contemporary folk / pop / fusion band based out of Chandigarh. The Band Members include : Atul Sharma - Vocals/Sitar , Shivani Sharma - Vocals , Atul Gupta - Drums/Percussions/Vocals , Kapil Chandhok - Keyboard/Vocals, Sharang Sharma - Guitar/Vocals. || Some of the recent performances include the La Palooza Art N Music Festival , Chandigarh Carnival (Sector 17) , Lake Club Event, Indira Holiday Home Festival, The Swabhovick School Christmas Celebrations
A band that has been making waves on the Indian Music Circuit since 2007. Combining the eldritch, beaming wails of Abhishek Bhatia, the twisted unconventional guitar attack of Arsh Sharma, the aural assault which is the bass work of Abhinav Chaudhary and the tireless groove machine of Anshul Lall . The Circus has put together some of the most refreshing and original music to emerge out of the Indian subcontinent in years. Live; they are the essence of what rock and roll is all about. They bring the fun and decadence that has all but died out in a scene where bands sound increasingly manufactured in an attempt to be appreciated. The Circus are none of that. This is no-frills rock with a sonic assault which is at the same time exhilarating and psychedelic in nature. Since 2007, they have played over 200 shows in the country and abroad and have put out two Full length albums (Bats, From Space) and a Covers EP titled “Sheep” || Some of their performances include Opening for Karnivool – Delhi (2015) , The Music Room – Dubai (2014) , NH7 Weekender –Opening for Megadeth (2012) , NH7 Weekender – Black Rock Arena(2011) ,NH7 Weekender Hard Rock Stage(2010) , One Movement Festival, Perth Australia(2010) , Won hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands (2011) , Great Indian Rock - New Delhi(2009) , Great Indian Rock – Hyderabad(2008) , Opening for Pain Of Salvation-IIM Lucknow (2011)
AAYUDH is a multi genre Hindi band. We take inspiration from the love that exists between humans which you will find infused in the feel of our songs. Our songs are our weapons, which we use to promote good music, peace and harmony in the world; thereby subverting the whole notion of an Aayudh (weapon) as a destructive tool. || Our music is one-third love, one-third inspiration, one-third a prayer to God and a third - a self expression of the purest form. Our Music defines us as we end defining our music as a 'feel' and a hope. || The band was formed in the fall of 2010, a result of the realization that dawned upon the two leading men of the band - Jayant (vocals) and Pravesh (guitars); who on realizing the magical potential of music and the joy that it could bring to a troubled world decided to start a Hindi Rock/Fusion band with the sole aim of promoting music to everyone they met in their lives and strifes.
"KAZA" is an administrative division historically used in the Ottoman Empire and currently used in several of its successor states. The term is from Ottoman Turkish and means "jurisdiction" or "power". "RYTH" is character from Infinite Blade 2 which means "Deathless". Kazaryth is a groove metal band, started in February 2014 still experimenting with different styles and seeking different grooves. We love music. Our aim is to make people go crazy, bang heads ,to spread happiness via music
Hello People , We Are Functional Hazard From New Delhi , Its A Indian Hard Rock Band . The band plays genres like - nu metal , hard rock , rock , blues, jazz , metal and western rock . The Band Has Performed In Various Places like - Jamia Hamdard University , Underdoggs Sports Bar , Gurgaon , ABES Engineering College , Jaipuria Insititute , Maggi Fest 2016 . The Band Members Are :- Dev - Vocals Satish - Lead guitarist Nigel - Bass guitatist Manan - Rhythm guitarist Tushar - Drums
Indo Gypsies, hailing from Mumbai, is a Folk/Fusion & World Music band. They seamlessly blend Folk music with Contemporary, Western as well as Indian Classical. They appeal to a wide range of audiences across the country, captivating everyone with their engrossing music and colorful, vibrant attires rooted in Indian culture. || Their released EP has been a chart topper on various music platforms like O.K. Listen among others. They released an official music video with Pepsi MTV Indies. || Indo Gypsies also have collaborated with artistes like Indian Ocean, Raghu Dixit, and many other unique art-forms. || Some of the recent awards that the band has got includes win them the Nation wide contest “India Fest Channel [V] Launch Pad 2013” , 'Responsible Youth Talent Award' by Rotaract Channel [V] LaunchPad 2013 Winners 'Tata Docomo Superstars Of the Year 2013' '2013 Vocational Excellence Award' by Rotary Appreciation Award by Adway Billawar Association ‘Artist Of The Week’ by MTS Discover India || Indo Gypsies were featured in the list of “Top Indian Folk/Fusion Artists” by Planet Radio City 91.1 FM
Launched in 2009, Frank’s Got The Funk is a Chennai based band which treads in various genres, primarily influenced by Electronic and Progressive rock. || Some of the recent awards that the band has got include INSPIRATION 2012, YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD (Whistling Woods International Initiative) and VIMA 2014 - Best Genre Bender. || Band Members include Bjorn Surrao : Vocals / Guitars / Synthesizer and Shashank Vijay : Drums / Percussions / Programming

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